Colli Berici and Palladian Itinerary

We should live the nature that surrounds us! You can choose from various routes and nature trails that will take you in beautiful and very interesting places in the eyes of landscapes.

We suggest you some routes in Val Liona and in the Scudeletta trails. Another nice walk is the one that lead to the Templars and Hermits places to S. Donato caves, near a thirteenth century church. From here you can go up to Monte Tondo where you can still see some First World War trenches and emplacement. You can also do a cycling tour.

We remember you our proximity to the Vicenza city, the Andrea Palladio's home, who is a late renaissance architect. In a few minutes you can discover some beautiful Palladian villas, UNESCO heritage. Download of Colli Berici panoramic.

dowload the Panoramica Colli Berici.pdf
dowload the Mappa Sentiero Eremo San Donato.pdf
dowload the Mappa Sentiero Altopiano Pozzolo.pdf
dowload the Mappa Sentiero Riveselle.pdf
dowload the Mappa Sentiero Scudeletta.pdf